Novel, Short Story, Flash Fiction, Play, Micro Fiction, Poetry, Film, and Television

These are my own recommendations — meaning I have read or watched them and think you might enjoy them. 


"Wife Number Seven" 

by Melissa Brown 

A gripping, emotional, and resonating account of life on a Mormon compound.

"Salem's Lot" 

by Stephen King

A masterful literary exercise in genuine (unforced) creepiness.


by Bernice L. McFadden

A harrowing yet heartwarming tale of the unlikely friendship between two very different women.


"The Tell-Tale Heart" 

by Edgar Allan Poe

An eerie, taxing, and bewitching short story. One of the top psychological horror tales of all time. 

"Sorry Dan, But It's No Longer Necessary For a Human to Serve as CEO of this Company" 

by Erik Cofer

Brilliant satirical flash fiction about a robot assuming a human's job.


by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare's most astounding and controversial play. Unparalleled in its complexity.


"Match Game" 

by Bob Thurber

Slick, crisp, and deftly told 100-word story about marital indiscretions. 

"Wanted: Lazy Readers" 

by Bob Thurber

Thurber's dark humor finds a perfect home in this biting 50-word piece. 


by Rhonda Shary 

This intriguing 100-word story keeps the reader wondering just what is real.


"The Debt" 

by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Dripping with remorse, "The Debt" is as poignant as it gets.

"A Poem of Friendship" 

by Nikki Giovanni

Effortlessly captures the depths of friendship. 

"Life is Fine" 

by Langston Hughes

A vibrant reminder of the beauty of life.  



Biographical History Drama (1984)

A potent, emotionally haunting character study of Mozart's talent and his rival's envy.


Biographical History Drama (2004)

The most chilling cinematic production on the spiraling insanity of Hitler, the Nazi dictator.

"Samurai Rebellion" 

Edo Period Drama (1967) 

Stunning (and bloody) depiction of the struggle for justice against a corrupt feudal system.  


"The Shield" 

Crime Drama (2002-2008)

An explosive, groundbreaking, and devastating cop drama about power, greed, and betrayal of trust.


Animation (1997-1998)

A deeply unforgettable anime about friendship, ruinous ambition, and inner strength. Mature Audiences only. 

"The Night Of" 

Crime Miniseries (2016) 

An evocative drama about the presumed guilty and the aftermath of prison. Mature Audiences only.