My Short Fiction

"Frayed" | Flash Fiction | Literary Fiction

Every so often he gets them. Days like today, when he’s split  unsure of his direction, unsure of what causes his heart to not feel the ray of sunshine appearing in the sky.  On days like these, Gregory swears its doomsday; that no beam exists at the tunnel’s black end. He sees only the abyss. 

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"His Lie, His Truth" | Short Story Psychological Horror Fiction 

“Patrick, I want you to be honest with me. Did you take James’ black iPod Classic?” Patrick Hardy wondered why his English teacher didn't believe him. “No, Mrs. Plummer. Like I just told you, there were a lot of us in the locker room and I don’t know why James is saying I took it.” 

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"The Pink House" | Short Story | Paranormal Fiction  

It was labeled “the odd one," the residence ignorant passersby derided for its peculiar color. Pink. Were its dwellers gay? Or, childish women refusing to mature? The unpopular house located at the intersection of Bayer Avenue and McIntyre Street had grown accustomed to the stereotypes, and each one simply evoked a knowing smile. 

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